Should entering national phases be time consuming and expensive?

Captain IP makes EPO regional phase filing straight forward and cost efficient!

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Why use Captain IP?

20% lifetime discount on Captain IP fees
for the 100 first users to file an EP regional phase.


Error proof

Captain IP provides you direct access to all the data of your published PCT application.

The data is automatically input in the filing form avoiding any typing error.

The filing form is finally signed by an European Patent Attorney before being signed and sent to the national patent office.


Cut costs: flat fee of 400€ *

Captain IP charges a flat fee of 400€ * for an EPO national phase making the cost estimate really easy.

The cost of a national phase with Captain IP may be up to 80% less compared to conventional patent firms.

No cost surprises: Captain IP provides instant cost estimate including the official fees based on your answers in the filing form.

* 20% lifetime discount included, available for the 100 first users to file a phase entry.


Save time

You do not need to spend time preparing an instructions letter for the foreign attorney, just select your PCT, file-in the instruction form and send it.

Captain IP is accessible 24/7 so that whatever your time zone you can get your instant cost estimate without having to wait a week to get a reply from a foreign attorney.

The 30-month deadline is just about to end and you need to enter national phase. Captain IP urgent mode allows filing your PCT application within 48h.

Main Features of Captain IP


Your list of PCT applications

You get instant access to all of your published pending PCT applications with all the up-to-date data: applicants, inventors, representative, title, abstract, etc.


Filing form

You get access to a filing form that automatically and instantly adapts to the specificity of the PCT application and national phase. For example, the form will request a translation only if required.


Computer generated filing form

Captain IP specific software instantly generates the filing form or instruction letter based on the information provided in the filing form and the PCT data.


Attorney Validation

For each national phase the automatic generated filing form is finally reviewed by an experienced local attorney.


Real time cost estimate

You get a real time cost estimate clearly identifying the official fees and the Captain IP fee. The cost estimate is generated based on the data combined from the filing form and your PCT application.

Data Storing

Storing your national phases

You can access to all the data and documents relating to your national phases at any time and from any place.

Captain IP

Entering national phase has never been so easy!

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